Sliding Doors


Sliding fire rated doors are normally used for large openings in fire rated walls of buildings like industrial warehouses, factory sheds, malls, garages, hangars, fair halls and similar where forklifts or bigger transportation means or goods have to pass through. They are used also in smaller formats because their encumbrances while opening are less if compared to normal hinged doors.


Metallic doors tested according to the standard UNI 9723 for low traffic purposes composed of rail for upper side made of profiled high resistance steel with low friction carriages pre-drilled for the fastening with screws or expansion screws. Special labyrinths against fire and smoke penetration. Leaves made of modular panels flush joining of double metal sheet with special fire fighting core total thickness 80 mm (120 mm for the version 180 minutes of resistance) without lock and recessed handles on both sides. Gate without sill, lower edge of the leaves with cavity for a floor-bolt to slide in it to install beyond the wall opening. Counterweight for the self closing of the gate with rope and thermal fuse. If ordered with electromagnet the thermal fuse is omitted. Protection casing made of press-folded steel sheets for the upper rail and the counter-weight. Thermo expanding gaskets on all overlapping labyrinths and under the leaf. Primer varnishing with epoxypolyester powders oven hardened light grey RAL 7035. Packing on disposable one-way metal containers.

Manufactured dimensions: from small doors up to 18 sq.m. per leaf.

Weight approx 45 kg. /sq.m.

Conformity mark metallic label.

Copy of certificate or homologation.

Conformity declaration.

Booklet with installation and maintenance instructions.

Door suitable for internal uses without strong air-draughts to be installed either on one or the other side of a flush and plumb wall. Assemble by qualified staff only.

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