Pleated insect screen with bilateral opening – Luna Model

Pleated insect screen with bilateral opening – Luna Model
(Luna Single, Luna Double, Luna Maxi, Luna Grande Plisse)

single leaf plisse insect screen LunaLuna plisse is an economical and convenient horizontal pleated insect screen. It is available in 4 types:

Luna single leaf:

Single leaf Luna plisse can be produced either with a latch or with a magnet wall post and the pleated polypropylene net is available in black or grey colour. Polyamides are used in the top and bottom rail for smooth scrolling and also reduce the gap between the guides and the insect screen. Moreover the bottom guide has water drips for optimized water discharge. The product reaches 3m in width and 2,4m in height and is available as tailor-made or in a cuttable version.


Luna Double leaf:

double leaf plisse insect screen Luna

Luna Maxi:

Luna Maxi is a bilateral type pleated insect screen. Its maximum dimensions can reach 3 meters width and 2,4 meters height. Suitable for French doors and windows of large dimensions, it is considered to be the ideal insect screen for running type sliding doors. It can be produced with latch or magnet wall posts up to 3m in width and 2,4m in height.

Luna Grande:

Since there is a necessity for covering bigger dimensions in width Luna Grande is the solution as it can be produced up to 6m. This product has a central closure with magnets and for the left and right side closure a latch or a magnet wall post can be used. The maximum height and the other specifications remain the same as single leaf type.

Polypropylene net is available in two colors: black & grey.

Product specifications:

  • Internal clips are used for lateral closing and two wire stretching mechanisms allow the net adjustment even after the installation.
Luna Plisse Clips
  • The upper rail lid protects against insects by closing the space between the net and the railing.
Luna plisse upper rail lid
  • The lower profile has orifices that allows for the water drainage.
Luna Plisse Water Drainage Orifices


Technical details:

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