Overlapped shutters are a new and modern way of windows shading. They must be measured and installed together with joinery, being designed for new projects of cases where the joinery must be replaced.

Overlapped Roller Shutter

The aluminum blades have polyurethane foam inside, 39mm. Rolling box, caps and lateral guides can be made from PVC or aluminum. Boxes and aluminum guides can be painted in any RAL color and WOOD from ANALKO color palette. The guides of overlapped shutters are mounted on joinery and also they can be fitted with insect screens embedded. This option is possible only with PVC box.

The differences between applied and overlapped shutters:

– First of all, overlapped shutters must be measured and mounted together with joinery, as they are an extension/ integral part of it; it is not possible to install the overlapped roller after the windows were mounted;
– They can be mounted ONLY when the windows are changed/replaced.
– The montage is fixed on the window by lateral gripping with special fasteners; on the main board there is a surface where the joinery will be fixed; by clamping in the back side of joinery the corner parts are fixed; in this way we have an insulation between box and window, the fixing system can be adapted any kind of PVC or aluminum joinery;

The system with insect screen – can be embedded in roll shutters.

roll systemAdvantages:
– Modified design of terminal lamella;
– No handles on terminal lamella;
– The net can be fixed at any height in guides;
– Using of safety plates instead of interior caps;


Options for roller shutters operation:

  1. Manual:
    – Standard drive ribbon or cord.
    – Crank drive.
    – Spring Drive.
  2. Electric:
    – Switch (up / down)
    – Multi-control switch
    – Clock switch
    – Remote control

Insect screen can be incorpored in the roller shutters.

System benefits:
– Modified construction of the final leaf;
– No handles on the final leaf;
– The net can be positioned at any height inside the guides;
– Utilizing safety plates insetead of inside lids.

Roller Shutter Switches

Download PDF Catalogue – Roller Shutters – ANALKO

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